What would you do in the week leading up to a Half Marathon?

Question: If you have trained well for a half marathon (40-50 miles a week, couple of speed sessions a week, couple of longer runs) for several weeks what would you do in the week leading up to the event? Complete rest? Bit of race pace mileage?

Answer: The MCKEP record HM time of 1:11:33 (correct at time of writing) was set off the following week (after a block of training around 50mi/week),

Monday: 10m steady (6:30/mi average)
Tuesday: 7.5m steady (6:30/mi average)
Wednesday: 8×0.5m at target race pace off 90 seconds
Thursday: 10k easy (7:00/mi average)
Friday: 5mile inc 2 strides of 500m @ sub 5m/m
Saturday: 5k jog
Sunday: Race day, 2.5m warm up easy with strides.

The above is just one option – however it seemed to work quite well for our man McCarthy. The main thing is to keep yourself ticking over and not seizing up, but also to make sure you’re not reaching the start line on tired legs.

Hope that helps!

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