What? McCarthy completed a long run!?

The rumours are true, McCarthy has not only been for a run, but he has been for a long run, he has done a quality session and he has won a race – all in the same 21 miles. Amazing. The balance of fatherhood and 2:29 marathon training may well have been found!?

Joined by Steve Watmough up in Warrington, the plan was 10k easy, 5k steady, 5k easy, 5k Parkrun, 2k Steady and then 5k home – a 21 mile session in total. It was all done nice and comfortably including the Warrington Parkrun, with the wanker sleeves on in 17:03 – a touch down due to a muddy field section in the middle but 5:06 and 5:17 miles either side of a slower middle are a good confidence booster. By far the best ParkRun, it must be because it’s in the North West, although McCarthy was attacked by one dog and went the wrong way once but we can let that go.

64 miles in the last 6 days, back up to 100 miles per week before we know it…was the retirement and onset of panic a touch early?


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