Weekend Preview: Midland Relays & Bristol Half Marathon 2014

First up is the Midland relays in Sutton Park, where Simkiss spearheads a team of 6 from Kenilworth who will be hoping to better their position of 21st from last year. Club runner of the month for September, Andrew Siggers, is taking time out from teaching a yoga and theology class in Rugby to deliver what will be a hotly anticipated performance for KR. All eyes will be on Richie Broadbent #richbroadbentsexmachine who will no doubt be on hand if someone fails to turn up even though they have been given prior warning, directions and an anticipated start time with a significant degree of fluctation allowed.

On to Sunday and the other half of MCKEP will be down in Bristol attemting to run a PB over yet another distance that he has not trained for or given any focus. Following his PB over 5k and 10k from a diet of wine and ASDA ranch salad, McCarthy will be looking to defy logic and put in another strong performance, Simkiss has been quoted as saying, ‘I hope you run 72:xx and miss out on 72’.

After the controversial fall out between Simkiss and the organising committee of the Bristol Half Marathon, MCKEP had no option but to withdraw their number two athlete. Plus he is such a cheapskate he wouldn’t pay for the number nor the accomodation that McCarthy was gifted, as our number one athlete and rising star. We thought we would take a look at who actually will be making up the elite field on Sunday and yet again highlight the inclusion of McCarthy over Simkiss, in that field.

 ABYU Tomas

ABU RUZEK Mohammed


GILBY Jonathan


KAY Richard





 McCarthy, having run an SB of 1:12:38, will be hoping his recent 10k is an indication he can get closer to the 72 minute mark and not mess it all up and be slower than last year. That said, It is clear that he will yet again have his work cut out to avoid coming last in a field of people who are much better than him, some would say a field that he has no place in. (Most people actually, as it is factually correct, only the pull of the MCKEP brand could pull this off). Will the added pressure of surpassing the PB of Simkiss to complete the clean sweep of the MCKEP records over 5k to Marathon be too much? Probably.

Whatever happens, this weekend could be a dramatic moment in the long history of MCKEP, a poor run from Simkiss in Sutton and a strong run from our number one athlete in Bristol may lead the media to ask questions. Is this the beginning of the decline of Simkiss? Has the random frenchman on Strava that joined MCKEP taken his place as the number two athlete of MCKEP? Whos is that Frenchmen anyway?

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