Week 5 – 10k Training: Summary

Well, week 5 is done – and surprisingly both athletes following the ground-breaking MCKEP 10k training program are reporting status = good. After struggling significantly during week 4 with tight, tired and unresponsive legs, the after-effects spilled into the early portion of week 5. Thursday’s threshold pace session at Draycote seemed something of a turning point and after a hard start to the session, the duo finished strong and ahead of pace. Both athletes commented on having tight calves and/or sore ankles/knees in the aftermath but took comfort in knowing the remaining 3 days of the week’s schedule would be comparatively easy.

McCarthy was forced into hiding over the weekend to avoid the press and paparazzi (or more likely in Chris’ case, Pepperami) following reports of readers taking blog comments far too seriously. This in fact tied in nicely with Chris’s pre-planned trip to the Lake District where he completed a the planned 16mi long run on Saturday, sandwiched between two easy days. Simkiss chose to relax in the London’s West End on Saturday, accompanying his mother to ‘Dirty Dancing’ the musical – pleas that he was ‘researching alternative techniques of recovery through music’ fell upon deaf ears amidst leaked photos of Simkiss singing along and appearing to thoroughly enjoy himself. Simkiss completed his long run on Sunday morning. Both athletes managed to insert 2 miles of effort within the last 3 miles of the long run as the schedule dictated.

Final mileage for the week, McCarthy 72.5mi 72.8mi 73mi, Simkiss 75mi, including 3 quality runs (Long, Threshold, 10k target pace intervals). McCarthy is adamant he ran 72.8mi, which rounds up to 73mi – Coaches have responded telling him that if feels that way he needs to man up and start running like a 73mi/week runner and not a 72.5mi/week runner.

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