Week 5 – 10k Training (Preview)



Week 5 of 10k training follows a good solid week 4 of training. Week 4, whilst planned to be easy, turned out to be a solid week – mileage breaking into the 70’s and a few sessions in there to boot. An easy start to the week was followed by 10x1km @ target pace, a long run, a double day and a controversial parkrun appearance.

So onwards to Week 5.

Monday’s session is a big step up from the week prior, with 6x1mi at target pace, recovery agreed to be 90seconds to better replicate the stresses of the 10k race than the originally planned 2:30 recovery.

Wednesday’s session is set to be the last ‘threshold/tempo’ run of the training block (other than any XC races), and venue is still TBC – McCarthy pushing hard for a treadmill based session. Simkiss is admittedly tempted, but 11mi on a treadmill… crikey. This session will be moved to Thursday (and Thursday’s double moved to Wednesday) in order to accommodate McCarthy’s apparent other life interests.

Friday sees another solid 16mi long run completed, with an acceleration in the latter miles, and lastly Saturday’s parkrun may well be binned off due to the Thursday/Friday back to back hard days… no doubt the duo will make a decision later in the week.

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