Week 4 – 10k training (Preview)

With week 3 Training having been covered by Simkiss’ report on his Majorcan Training Camp, and the weekends races being covered in individual reports, we fast forward now to Week 4 of the MCKEP 10k training towards Leeds Abbey Dash – and halfway through week 4 at that!



After a tough weekend of races, the week starts (or rather ‘started’) easy – a single short run to get the legs ticking over, a double easy day on Tuesday should hopefully see the legs returning to something like their normal tight, tired and achy levels of fatigue ready for Wednesday’s track session.

In a strategic move, the track session will take place on early on Wednesday evening in an attempt to avoid the wrath of the local running club by training on ‘their patch’. Friday will see a 16mi long run before a fairly pointless parkrun on Saturday morning on tired legs where disappointment will invariably be the order of the day with poor times and no 5k PB’s with thoughts of “I just don’t understand what went wrong…”. Mileage for the week aiming to be around 70mi, which begins a slight build towards a peak of around 80mi.

*** NEWS JUST IN ***

– Simkiss ran this morning (Wednesday) having been goaded into it by McCarthy last night, who himself stayed in bed.

– Wednesday’s track session will now be subject to 90sec recovery. Just because MCKEP athletes are awesome. The pace however remains at comfortable pace of 3:15/km – i.e. 10km target pace (these session will quickly ramp up, and whilst not too hard at the moment, no doubt the 4×1.5mi and 3x2mi sessions at 10km pace will be rather tough!

– McCarthy isn’t allowed out to play until late on Friday, so Friday’s long run is now on Thursday – this sees two hard runs in two days, which will be quite a load on the MCKEP legs – it does however mean an easy day before Saturday’s parkrun, and even more of an expectation of 5km PB’s.

– As always the 5mi+5mi days are meant as a guide only – athletes can break the day up as they see fit, however the target is 10mi total over 2 runs.

That is all.

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