VMLM 2014 After Party: The Video

Now that shit was out of the way it was time for the main event! McCarthy had calculated that a 12:39 finish would allow 58 minutes to get back to the hotel for the Liverpool v Man City game. Not for one second had the Transport Minister planned the 4 minute delay and an emergency plan was drawn up to allow the game to still be viewed and the first pint to still be poured before the 13:37 deadline, a pub off Regent Street.

And so it was, the project were safely supping on there first cold one as the game kicked off with the pub not quite believing that not three and a half hours ago there was still a marathon to be run. Yet again McCarthy proved he can always deliver when it comes to logistics and getting pissed, running however…

With the game over and a change of clothes it was time for 5 pints of Guinness and the VMLM highlights, followed lots more beer, cocktails, blueberry muffins, gay bars, doing the conga and finally a chicken in a flip flop!


On that note we will leave you with this video and hope you join us for our serious Autumn marathon campaign and an attack on 2:29, what’s 14 minutes?

It’s been emotional!



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