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With the Two Castles 10k only days away, the runners and riders (there are no riders) are listed on so we thought we would have a look at who he is backing. The Two Castles is renowned as one of the most pretentious middle class races in the Country, setting off from Warwick Castle before filtering out on the paved streets of Warwick and Kenilworth, passing the only gymnasium where a drop of sweat has never been seen, before finishing in the grounds of a ruined wreck of a castle, where spectators are charged to come in. The rumours that this is a ploy to boost the annual figures to secure lottery funding have been denied by the company who own the stones, but a Panoroama documentary that was due to air next week was looking into whether the castle is actually the front for a drug smuggling syndicate, no evidence was found but mud sticks.

Place your bets..,,

Andrew Slavery: 4/5 odds on favourite: Big favourite here with Peter Power, he has delivered before and he can deliver again. Not beaten by any of the MCKEP lot for some time and even longer since a KR beat him, may be as far back as Weedon 10k last year when McCarthy beat him (it may be different but it’s nice for MCKEP to again reference that great victory).

Phil Gould: 2/1: The big man always sits favourably in the stakes with Peter Power, a fellow lover of the community he will always bring home short odds. The Kenilworth Captain, Warwickshire XC Runner, WRRL Organiser, England International, Committee Member has also been known to help out at a nursing home in between running an animal sanctuary where he cares for bereaved Geese. He will surely have a good run as long as he can take time out from being such a ‘Mr.Nice Guy’.

Kyza Derby: 6/1: Long odds for the hotpant wearing, former Centurion, superstar. Derby has been in inspirational form over the last 4 weeks and as we have already heard was handed the ROTM prize for May. His recent performances culminated in him leading out the Corby 5 when he decided the pace just wasn’t quick enough. If he can hold that pace and improve on the slight loss of pace that led to him eventually coming 16th at Corby,,,he may have a chance.

Chris McCarthy 10/1: Even longer odds for the alcoholic Northerner who recently led home the British contingent in Chester. McCarthy’s race will always come down to how well he has recovered from his last session, with a full wine rack it is clear that Peter Power reckons this isn’t going to be his year and Saturday night will see a big session. Last year McCarthy led the race into Kenilworth before almost stepping aside to let Slavery and Harper through on the final hill. In his head he decided that they looked faster, he is mentally weak over this 10,000 and with his long standing ‘Pubisaline’ sharer, Simkiss, out of the race it’s highly likely he will self combust as his thighs rub together. He has done well of late in races with a very small link to castles, NTRIX and Chester…interesting.

Richard Simkiss 100/1: Not bad odds considering he isn’t running.

Everyone Else (Apart from the fat fella from Redditch AC): 1/1: This is probably what will happen.

There will be some in play specials;

McCarthy to kick off with time keeper as per Milton Keynes 10k, demanding to have a second taken off his time: 10/1

McCarthy to run like a man and take the race out hard: 2000/1

Derby to wear shorts made for a man: 100/1

Derby to have long black socks on: 2/1

Gould to accidentally reveal a testicle as he climbs into Leek Wootton: 2/1

Andy Slavery to have gained weight and weigh half as much as Simkiss: 1000/1

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