Trip to the Salon for McCarkissElite Project

Today the McCarkiss Elite Project decided to go on a trip to a beauty salon. We don’t see what all the fuss is about to be honest as it was one of the most horrible experiences in MCKEP history. Don’t get us wrong, the Salon was fantastic and gave us the most beautiful glass of water….it was the whole ‘running thing’ on either side of the visit.


The session plan was 21 miles with around 50-75% of the session at MP+30 so around 6:12s.

The lads never really got into this to be honest, tired legs and the fact McCarthy is somewhat off Simkiss probably meant that psychologically there were too many things in favour of a slower pace. Still…looking back there was still a good tick over for a good few miles;

3) 1m – 6:22(6:22/m) 131cal
4) 1m – 6:16(6:16/m) 130cal
5) 1m – 6:13(6:13/m) 131cal
6) 1m – 6:12(6:12/m) 130cal
7) 1m – 6:31(6:30/m) 132cal
8) 1m – 6:32(6:32/m) 132cal
9) 1m – 6:39(6:39/m) 132cal
10) 1m – 6:35(6:35/m) 132cal
11) 1m – 6:15(6:15/m) 131cal

The wheels then came off as gale force winds and ice balls fell from the sky. McCarthy who had mocked himself for looking as if he had run past an exploding Sports Direct and been caught in the Karrimor shrapnel, suddenly pulled his hat, gloves, balaclava and sheepskin coat out of his gel belt whilst Simkiss cowered behind a tree and cried for his Mum. The run then led out to farm lanes and footpaths and a few wrong turns and McCarthy having a light headed dizzy spell left the run in tatters and the lads hunting in ditches and drains for drinking water. Caffeine Gels at 6,12 and 17 (he took none on this run and felt fantastic) for no apparent reason other than ‘because’, meant he was dehydrated and had the sticky mouth constitution of a low rate Amsterdam hooker.

The normally introvert and scared to speak to strangers McCarthy then demonstrated behaviour that clearly indicated he was delirious by storming into the beauty parlour and requesting water in a scene similar to when he ran onto a barge with hippys in Warwick on another bonkfest of a long run.

Lost and off route, the lads continued in search of the A45 and the hill up into Dunchurch. It was clear that they were now going to be overdistance, so this provided a great justification for missing pace and they both agreed that running 22.5 made up for the session disaster. Having crawled up a hill the completely average pair then ran their fastest mile through mile 22, inexplicable.

22.4 at 6:41 avg.

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