Training in High Humidity – Comparable to Altitude?


I would like to know what the effects of training in high humidity conditions (97 – 100%) for 3 weeks are. I believe this may be comparable to training at altitude. I’m not aware of any meta study on this phenomenon but I speculate (maybe even theorise) that he effects are similar. Can anyone at the MCarkiss Elite Project offer a comment?

(from: macca1959 on September 26, 2013 at 11:56 pm)


Whilst it has not been officially documented in a peer reviewed scientific McCarkiss study – it could be hypothesized that these conditions may be replicated in the UK climate, whereby persistent periods of precipitation may be experienced at virtually any point of the year, though typically moreso outside the season of summer, which would likely provide the near 100% humidity conditions of which you speak. The statistical period of 3 weeks however may or may not be realistic for the unique UK climate.

It would be true to say that members of members of McCarkissElite have trained in the rain, although there were no notable additional training adaptations. There was a statistically insignificant increase in cerebral signals relating to the sensation of dampness, an increased desire to wear waterproof clothing, and a reduced desire to commence running in subsequent ‘high humidty’ sessions.

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