This Time, 3 years ago…

3 years ago, when Simkiss was a young and spritely 20-something year old, and McCarthy was…well… still looking like a 40 year old – Things were a little different… Let’s reflect in a boring and factual manner.

Chris was a over minute and a half slower at 10km, 4.5mins slower over the Half Marathon, 15mins slower over the marathon. Having run with injury for several months whilst in the racing form of his life (yes, he really is injured, and has been for several months) McCarthy has been unbelievably modest about his recent improvements and subsequent rise to the helm of the MCKEP rankings, though 3 years ago, (give it a month) Simkiss was unknowingly pacing his future training partner round a half marathon – shielding him from the wind until he could no longer hold the 75min pace set out by Simkiss for clubmate Phil Gould.

The above hints at more prosperous times for Simkiss… however by October time each year stats show remarkably similar performances… Rich was 7 seconds slower over 6miles, had identical 10k times, and was 1second faster over the half marathon. 3 years… zero progress… on paper.

As our athlete “formerly known as number 1” prepares for a return to the Gloucester Cross Country, a flashback to exactly 3 years ago this week shows a big difference. 3 years ago this week, Simkiss totalled 104.5miles for the week, running to and from work on 4 days of the week (extending the route home where necessary), completing a tough hill session on the Tuesday, and racing in the same Gloucester League Cross Country race before knocking out a 2hr 18.5mi long run on the Sunday (6:30/mi pace). In fact, he even won the cross country race. This is a few weeks after he ran a PB at the 6 stage road relays of 18:50 (26 secs faster than last weeks National Road Relays).

Is he likely to win in Gloucester this time round? Probably not… but the question is – how much slower will Simkiss be this year having run only HALF the training mileage? and how much quicker would he be if he was still running high mileage? All of this means bugger all – but it’s left Simkiss awestruck by his own former training levels, and for the bazillionth time vowing to “crack on with training properly now and really get stuck in”.

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