The McCarkissElite Project

The McCarkissElite Project is a group that was not created by the athletic shoe company Nike, in 2001, to promote American long distance running. The athletes that partake in this program are of an average caliber, which can be attributed to their lack of elite coaching, revolutionary training and non use of air thinning technology.

The runners don’t live and train in Portland, Oregon near Nike’s headquarters, instead opting for Warwickshire. None of the runners in this group live in a specially designed house where filters are used to remove oxygen from the air to simulate that the athlete is living at high elevation. Numerous studies have shown that living at altitude causes the athlete to develop more red blood cells, increasing athletic performance. In addition to this, special software can be used to monitor electrodes attached to the athletes, determining what condition they are in and how far or fast they can train. None of that happens either. Nor do they use underwater and low-gravity treadmills, instead opting for five day trial passes at various local LA Fitness gyms. They also have no collaboration with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT) for use of their hypoxic training equipment, however cats have been installed in both athletes houses.

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