Stop Eating Sh#t!

Public service announcement – This is not intended in jest and constitutes sound advice* based the personal opinion of MCKEP athlete Richard Simkiss. Simkiss writes:

Stop eating shit.

If you want to be a healthier person,
If you want to perhaps shift a bit of weight and/or improve your body composition,
If you want to run faster


This isn’t a post of me proclaiming I eat great and follow a certain diet regime – I too eat a lot of crappy junk foods, but I’m starting to notice some patterns relating to diet and general eating habits, and get frustrated at the lack of accountability people take for not being as lean as they want to be.

Blame Game

I’m a bit of an observer, I also have a bit of an addictive personality… I’ve noticed that when I eat crappy foods (when I say crappy, I mean all types of overly processed foods, but in particular the likes of sweets and chocolates), I crave crappy foods – this happens on an hour by hour basis, and additionally on a day by day basis. Should someone be kind enough to bring cakes into the office to celebrate their Birthday, and I happen to enjoy one, within an hour I’m considering the social acceptability of having another – the issue of whether my it’s good for me or not is irrelevant… If I eat chocs’ or sweets whilst watching a film, low and behold the next day I’m looking to get my chocolate fix.

Today whilst on a training course which offered endless refreshments (cookies, pastries, sweets etc.) I sat with my coffee like a sad little man in the corner, watching people go and tuck into these taste sensations – the majority of whom then returned by the end of the coffee break to stock up on cookies etc to take back into the seminar room. In the afternoon, when the sweets were wheeled out – one guy filled his shirt pocket with ‘blackjacks’ whilst another grabbed a handful of cadburys mini creme eggs, pondered for a moment and put two back – obviously feeling guilty/greedy and trying to do the right thing – the guy then comes back 5 minutes later for another handful!

Greedy bastards? Lack of willpower? Or is it more a case that sugar is an almost drug like substance, and perhaps even worse when combined with fat? In my opinion, it’s likely a combination of all of the above, as one of the observations I made was that those who did tend to indulge, were generally fatter people, and looked (to my judgemental eye) to be less healthy in their appearance.

So if like me, you tend to suffer with cravings for sugary junk food seemingly all the time, despite trying to only eat a minimal amount of crap – give this a go… go cold turkey and see if your cravings reduce.

For no apparent reason I decided to give up chocolate for lent this year – I’ve never given up anything for lent – nor am I religious, but it seemed like a good idea, and for the 40 days of lent I didn’t touch a morsel of chocolate or cocoa containing products – after a few days I didn’t care, it was almost easy! Once lent was done and dusted, I ploughed into the easter eggs, sat on the sofa feeling irritable and twitchy, ate more chocolate later on, and after a crap nights sleep was ready for more chocolate by breakfast time – which I managed to withhold from myself until mid morning. It takes some motivation to go ‘cold turkey’ on junk food – but I am finding that the less of it I eat, the less I’m interested by it – and the more healthy stuff I eat, which without wanting to double the length of this already lengthy blog post, is having noticeable health benefits.

If however you are a believer that everything is fine in moderation, that’s fine too – and I wouldn’t disagree… I’m far from a nutritional saint (today just happens to be a good day – so I feel justified in getting on my soapbox); but if you’re carrying some excess weight and can’t seem to shift it no matter how hard you try, if you’re regularly lethargic during the day or whilst running, or if you find yourself struggling to stay awake at work after lunch or having a junk food snack – for god sake take some accountability, and if you want to change it…

Stop eating shit!

It will make you feel better, and it might just help you run faster.


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