Simkiss & McCarthy Used to be ‘Chubbers’?


I can’t believe for one second you were a chubber – can I ask what you used to look like …?



Of course you can – Interestingly, both of MCKEPs top athletes have a past history of being overweight through over-indulgence. Whilst both athletes still have the tendencies of their former fat selves (I’m currently munching my way through a pack of Dark Chocolate Digestives), they’ve both managed to lose weight through the joys of running. It was in fact Simkiss’ weight which encouraged him to start running, having stood on the scales at 15st 7lb, he decided that was simply too heavy and no longer ‘wanted another cream cake’. His long standing partner became annoyed by the constant disappearance of her bra. Fatty bum bum McCarthy can’t even recall his weight, claiming it was somewhere between 16st and 16st 7lb, regardless he was a monster in appearance and weight.

Whilst slightly slimmer, the addiction for beer and general crap is still engrained in the DNA of the MCKEP ethos and if either athlete sustains an injury, four weeks off is likely to incur a one stone weight gain.

A few photo’s:

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