Simkiss’ Continued Affiliation to MCKEP in Question

The future of Simkiss as a member of the Cawston Grange’s finest training group, the McCarkiss Elite Project, has been thrown into question after a turbulent weekend in the club camp.

The former MCKEP ‘Top Boy’ has been found to have broken the first and foremost commandment of MCKEP “Run Hard, and Don’t be Shit”, which came to light after Saturday’s race where Simkiss himself admitted that whilst he couldn’t get his legs going when the going got tough he couldn’t summon the motivation to battle through – Internal dialect flowed mid race where Simkiss asked himself “What’s the point?”

Those close to Simkiss have noticed a recent change in persona – the once amicable fella who oozed enthusiasm and desire to be the best he could be has by his own admission become a miserable arse. His ongoing battle with powertools, flat pack kitchen units and wonky walls are pushing him to the limit, with many saying “This is one DIY project too far”. Microwave meals and occasional takeaways have formed the bulk of the athletes dietary fulfilment for the past few weeks further enhancing the decline of his health to something reminiscent of his days at university, specifically those preceding a major project deadline.

Simkiss had considered complete withdrawal from Project Milford though after working closely with the MCKEP psychological support therapists has agreed to ‘mull it over’ for the next few days – in a brief twinkle of hope Simkiss was heard murmuring “I can’t wait to get back to normality… once everything is done in the kitchen – life will be perfect, and I can train properly again”. It May be this glimmer of positivity which saves Simkiss as stakeholders Milo Peach & Maggie McCarthy continue to discuss the matter.

Milo takes a brief moment of respite following lengthy discussions regarding Simkiss' future.

Milo takes a brief moment of respite following lengthy discussions regarding Simkiss’ future.

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