#shoechat – McCarthy can’t get enough of his special edition adidas ‘VFM’

As Sicknote wrestles with another niggle – he turns to a new pair of trainers to resolve his ‘injury’ woes. Simkiss – whilst hateful of the notion that “running shoes should be replaced every 400-500 miles” – seems to end a spell of injury free running every time his trainers tick over the 500mi mark, evidence enough it seems that trainers over 500mi are nigh-on guaranteed to cause injury.

“Not-so” claims McCarthy – with his typical “I don’t give a f#ck if it’s hurting – I’ll soon fix it with more running” approach.

McCarthy has taken to hoarding new pairs of trainers – reluctant to wear them, he continues buying them to satisfy his natural runners’ instinct and collects them in a minimally used condition in his closet… this is all so he can maximise the use of his bespoke adidas ‘VFM’ (value for money) trainers.

These trainers began life as an innocent pair of adidas race shoes, but after commencing self destruction after 50mi of McCarthy wombling, and reaching a state of being ‘fully f#cked’ at 300mi – degredation has since ceased, and McCarthy has worn these sexy slippers for circa 1200mi now.

McCarthy has no intention to relinquish his ‘value for money’ racers, but pledges to continue buying trainers for storage every 400-500mi.

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