Roddy to join the Elite?


Following his call up for the home countries to represent the Midlands, the inevitable rumours have already lit up the internet forums.

‘Will Roddy join MCKEP?’

MCKEP spokesperson, Milo Simkiss, issued the following press release; ‘I can confirm the executive committee have met to consider the potential recruitment of Paddy Roddy to the Elite Project, we are not currently in a position to elaborate further if he performs well and meets the standard set out in our prospectus, then this would at least open up the possibility of him being formally considered’.

The MCKEP prospectus is a document that was created alongside the birth of the club and only the founding fathers are aware of the standards that are set within the document that was famously securely sealed in the fermented leftovers of Old Hooky and roasted peanut dust at the Napton beer festival  before being committed to the earth somewhere in between Napton and Southam. Legend says that the standard could be as tough as a finish within the top 10 to prompt the discussion.

Athletics Weakly reports that the contractual obligations of being accepted into MCKEP prohibit invitees from studying at red brick universities or from abstaining from alcohol, something Roddy may have to commit to should his application be signed off by the exec. The committee meet at the annual Stockton beer festival for their AGM, where any invitations are discussed over 10 pints before ratification, the order in which applications are processed can be extremely important with only one approval given annually.

Roddy has had a fantastic start to 2014 and safe to say admission to the project would be the pinnacle of his running career to date, eyes will be fixed to his countries performance to see if he can make that final step up and gain that green vest.

In other news the project are looking for any other cats that would like to join alongside the other two felines currently currently on the exec.

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