Race Report: Stratford NTRIX 12k

Having entered the race not three days previously with the hope of a chance at the team prize, McCarthy also realised he had his own little score to settle with this route having finished in 32nd place with a time of 48:26 in 2010 – could this be a PB? With his second high mileage week on the cards just getting out of bed was enough of a mission.

Simkiss on the other hand was just about on the return to….running, now the kitchen is complete so at least that fiasco is behind him. Lacking fitness, tired legs and no race plan – all things indicated this would probably go really well for the egocentric disillusioned duo. Whilst not eating together the average pairing had both by chance nailed a curry the night before, McCarthy opting to go not just with rice but also with chips – Simkiss had washed his Indian offering down with a few Bombay Sapphire.

Following a heated debate with @couriersportsed Paul Okey, regarding the recent omission of the project from the Warwick Sports Awards* it was time to lube up the thunder things and tape up the tittys. Warm up done. Race gear on. Pre race pit stop complete (apologies to the residents of dark lane.) Race underway.

photo (16)Picture courtesy of Stratford AC

Sitting in behind Scott Hazell of Coventry and another fellow who sported a fantastic beard (Matt Bell – Edinburgh) it was clear that the complete lack of tactical planning was a great decision. Hitting the first mile in 5:15 the MCKEP duo were still tucked in and completely unaware of what to do next or if they could maintain this pace, the slight uphill second mile ticked over in 5:27 and then it happened. McCarthy stepped out to the side as the climb intensified and just pressed on, ‘What the hell have we done’, said McCarthy as they pulled away. Simkiss followed and then all of a sudden the pair were passing the mountain goats that manned the water station at 5k in 17:03, with a significant gap to 3rd place.

Passing the summit, the lack of mileage over the last few weeks told on Simkiss and he told McCarthy to push on and take the win. (He is really kind in this way, this tactic regularly ensures he is never beaten by McCarthy but instead has offered to let McCarthy take the win on two occasions now.) No-one knows what he was actually expecting McCarthy to do given that he was drowning in lactic acid himself…..

As McCarthy slowly pulled away in 1st Simkiss was left to trade places over the last 2 miles with Hazell, eventually coming out on top with a final kick in the last K to come home second and put Kenilworth one place closer to the team prize, which was secured by Connor Carson in 4th. A fantastic run out from Simkiss given the recent injury fear and his lack of mileage…oh and that fecking kitchen

Great on course support as ever from Tom Dable.

Also congratulations to Phil Gould (pictured below) on winning the Masters Mids XC


Pos Name RaceNo Club Time Net Time
1 CHRIS MCCARTHY 415 Kenilworth Runners 0:40:05 0:40:05
2 Richard Simkiss 603 Kenilworth Runners 0:40:27 0:40:27

Split Summary

1) 1m – 5:15(5:15/m) 130cal
2) 1m – 5:27(5:27/m) 134cal
3) 1m – 5:50(5:50/m) 131cal
4) 1m – 5:26(5:26/m) 128cal
5) 1m – 5:07(5:07/m) 130cal
6) 1m – 5:25(5:25/m) 136cal
7) 1m – 5:28(5:28/m) 130cal
8) 0.42m – 2:10(5:08/m) 55cal



McCarthy and Simkiss celebrate


*MCKEP can confirm the apology from Paul Okey on behalf of the Leamington Courier and Jonhnston Publishing Ltd was accepted and the printed apology that was offered will not be necessary. Following the drunken demolition of the Kenilworth Holiday Inn following the MCKEP Christmas award ceremony the papers decision to not risk their reputation by inviting two sambuca drinking yobs is completely understandable.


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