Race Report: Silverstone 10k

The EMGP series is finally underway and up first was the Silverstone 10k.

2013 saw Siggers and McCarthy battle it out for the series, McCarthy finally losing out to Savery of Leamington by one point. This year the focus was on the team ranking and with Simkiss joining the EMGP regular pairing there was one place left in the four man team. All eyes were on new recruit Kyza Derby, after an impressive run at Brueton only a few days before. Was he recovered enough to step up to the plate and push the Kenilwroth trio, push them to glory?

Following some bad air between a certain section of the men’s team and new super recruit Derby, there had been a pre race press conference where Simkiss finally admitted ┬áthe misunderstanding in Sutton Coldfield leading to the non-appearance of Derby had in fact been all his fault. Some of the blame was apportioned directly to the Kenilworth management team, the postcode and hour advance arrival reccomendation were not satisfactory. Steve Page admitted it was a complete miracle that over the two events only 23 of the 24 runners had managed to turn up with enough time to do an hour warm up, pluck, baste and serve a chicken and then read an act from Coriolanus with number one supporter, Mrs Paul Andrew. In fact over the last four years of Midlands and National 12 stage events, only 95 of the 96 entrants have made it on time and prepared. Something is not right in the Kenilworth camp and Phil Gould’s reign as team captain is sure to be tainted by these numbers.

The gun went and it was Derby who pushed the pace for the Kenilworth grouping, Siggers and the McCarkiss pair tucking in behind to shelter from the extremely strong wind. Suddenly the predicted order of Siggers, Simkiss, McCarthy, A N Other was in doubt as the former Sphinx man led from the front, pushing the chasing pack through the first mile in 5:11. As the pack turned into the strong headwind, a bloke dressed head to toe in Skechers clothing pushed on to chase down the lead pairing that had pulled away. Suddenly the formiddable talent of Derby was falling off the chasing pack, leaving Siggers, Simkiss and McCarthy to push through the second mile in 5:10, tailed only by fans favourite, Hywel Towel. Could Derby pull in the group to shelter from the wind?


The next four miles saw a lot of tactical shielding and cowardly hiding as the wind hit gusts of 87mph, a wind so hard that Hywel later commented that he ‘had nearly shat himself’. McCarthy was left in no mans land whilst Siggers, Simkiss and Almond battled it out for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. Further down the field it was the rising star Derby who had by now confirmed himself as the 4th counter in the Green Army and if he could hold off the next Godiva athlete by around 7 minutes then glory would be green, could he do it?


Pos M/F Cat No. Name Cat Time Club ChipPos ChipTime Split1
1 1 1 383 Ismail Ssenynage MS 31:53 Skechers 1 31:51 15:57
2 2 2 490 Sullivan Smith MS 32:01 Cambridge & Coleridge 2 32:01 15:55
3 3 3 903 Mathew Almond MS 32:50 Wootton Road Runners 3 32:50 16:17
4 4 4 756 Richard Simkiss MS 32:52 Kenilworth Runners 4 32:51 16:19
5 5 5 770 Andrew Siggers MS 33:02 Kenilworth Runners 5 33:02 16:20
6 6 6 1135 Craig Palmer MS 33:21 Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers 6 33:21 16:40
7 7 7 1043 Chris McCarthy MS 33:30 Kenilworth Runners 7 33:29 16:33
9 9 9 1198 Hywel Davies MS 34:02 Rugby & Northampton AC 9 34:02 16:35
19 19 15 1112 Kyza Derby MS 35:16 Kenilworth Runners 19 35:16 17:15



The winning team soak up the Silverstone bubbles in the post race bath


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