Race Report: Liverpool Half Marathon 2014

McCarthy decided to return to racing following his car crash into Fatherhood with the low key Liverpool Half Marathon, attracting 10,000 people and the tactical genius starter that is Brendan Rogers (The Liverpool manager, whose head McCarthy was calling for soon into his tenure….)

An absolute disaster of a morning before the race led to a short warm up and McCarthy safely in the dog house as he warmed up, wondering if he should run quick to get out of it or run slowly to stay in it and let tension in the McCarthy camp settle, racing and a newborn baby has proved to be somewhat tricky. A jog down the prom towards Otterspool and at the turn point to mirror the last mile into the finish it was clear that this was not going to be pretty and the last 3.5 mile along the prom were going to be into a blistering wind, McCarthy currently sporting an overgrown but still recessed mop of hair was not only going to risk man boob blood as his vest glued to his tits in the wind, but he may loose yet more hair in the final furlongs.

The gun went and the race was off and the plan was, well there wasn’t a plan. Weeks of excessive consumption and living like a Dyson that was designed to remove all ales in the co-op that come under the ‘three for a fiver’ deal left McCarthy a little unsure of what was capable. The gut, sugar consumption and sleep deprivation to one side, compared to build ups to previous HM’s the stats actually showed the last 90 days gave McCarthy a greater mileage than when he ran 1:12:46 last year…we all know mileage is the only thing  that mattered. Literally as the gun went, the brain within that receeding hairline decided 5:30’s to the prom and then see what happens – this would give 46 seconds to play with in the wind and 5:50’s home for a PB.


Tucking in with John McCole (68 minute runner, having a training run) of Liverpool Harriers, McCarthy and McCole passed through 10mile in 54:46, a ten mile PB – and it felt fine.

1) 1m – 5:20(5:20/m) 131cal
2) 1m – 5:33(5:33/m) 132cal
3) 1m – 5:21(5:21/m) 133cal
4) 1m – 5:23(5:23/m) 132cal
5) 1m – 5:32(5:32/m) 133cal
6) 1m – 5:26(5:27/m) 133cal
7) 1m – 5:45(5:45/m) 131cal
8) 1m – 5:20(5:20/m) 130cal
9) 1m – 5:24(5:24/m) 133cal
10) 1m – 5:42(5:42/m) 133cal

Well..it felt fine apart from the excruciating pins, needles and hot stabbing for 200 metres at about 6.5 mile that shot through the right hamstring of MacDaddy. A pain so intense he looked around for a medic and if there was one in sight he was going to drop to the floor. A pain that has been building all week.

Anwyay…that forgotten and on a nice downstretch, McCarthy and McCole passed Jonny Mellor, training partner of McCole for about the 4th time who yet again shouted words of encouragement whilst looping Sefton Park to cheer on his fellow Harriers. Aware that Mellor has run 62 for Half Marathon, McCarthy asked for 5:30’s down the prom, something he was probably capable of, in a hope to gain a wind shield. Mellor obliged but by 11 mile the fact that the Mellor V McCarthy ‘sizeoff’ results in McCarthy creating a shadow about three times as big as the GB international – McCarthy had been dropped and the wind was ridiculous. Fantastic of Mellor to do that though, much appreciated.

72 went, 72:46 went, it all went and he depressingly dropped over the line in 7th for 1:14:05. What could have been? 7th place.

Race over and hamstring was absolutely butchered, it was agony, the worst pain in the world, casting doubt over VLM in fact. A quick rub down and McCarthy gingerly walked to see Coach McCarthy Snr in Liverpool hospital, recuperating following lifesaving surgery earlier this week. But his hamstring….



Fucking Torture


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