Race Report: Godiva 5

Apologies are to be sent to MCKEP fans following McCarthy’s sub par performance at the Godiva 5. Having blown up in the first mile, McCarthy walked across the finish line in 7th place in a time of 26:57.

Reflecting on his performance today in conjunction with news that ‘Old Man’ McCarthy (as he’s affectionately known) is likely to need a hip replacement in the next 10-15yrs, the MCKEP athlete said:

Can’t be bothered writing a report, I want to languish in self pity┬áthat I am going to be a cripple. You coming for a curry tomorrow?

Meanwhile Simkiss continued to battle through training with a burst blister on his foot. What a warrior.

Further updates on athlete Simkiss will follow once he actually does something worth blogging about.

One thought on “Race Report: Godiva 5

  1. he still had enough energy to try and drop me 3 times in the last mile though….;-)
    love this website it’s brilliant

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