Race Report: Draycote 10 mile

With the wedding of the year over and McCarthy tucked up in bed early, having not gone on a drunken rampage across Northamptonshire, the MCKEP chopper whisked him to the start line of the Draycote 10 before it headed off to take the newly-weds on their honeymoon.


As for the wedding, it was a fantastic event and we have no idea how Rich managed to talk his bride into an MCKEP green theme for the day. There were lovely touches with treadmills in the bar area and complimentary cocktails of ‘Blueberry Muffin’, made famous at VMLM 2014. The Groom looked beauthiful in the ‘Asics 2015 Autumn range’. The Wedding Breakfast was a Pasta Party with Lucozade on tap followed by a trio of different flavoured gels. The highlight of the meal was a lovely ‘Chicken in a Flip Flop‘, the legendary MCKEP dish. The speeches were magnificent with the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best man all paying homage to the fantastic season McCarthy has had and what a feat it is to be MCKEP record holder for 5k, 10k, 12k, half marathon and marathon, all at the same time. Humbled and slightly embarrassed, McCarthy slipped away to allow the limelight to rightly focus back on the real star of the day, Mrs Simkiss.

As for the race, a wet and windy morning saw McCarthy line up feeling drained, the emotional pain of lining up without Simkiss obviously had more of an impact on McCarthy than he imagined it would. As did the final two pints of Guinness that Ham and Votchy insisted on buying him, having already exceeded his now customary 4 pint limit the night before a race. McCarthy’s mind backtracked 12 hours to his slightly drunken declaration, ‘I am going to win tomorrow.’ This was made safe in the knowledge that given the low key nature of the race, the likelihood of someone faster turning up was greatly reduced…

And so the race began and with McCarthy came a guy from Spa Striders and Nick Hardy of Birchfield, an unknown to McCarthy at the time. Hardy and McCarthy ran  together for the first few miles before a little gap appeared which gradually grew…and that’s about it really. 8 lonely, uundulating boring miles followed with McCarthy not daring to look back for fear of being chased down. 56:25 on a course measuring a fair bit over distance, had to get that in…

With that, it wouldn’t be right to not share with you a selection of the beautiful photos of Simkiss that were on display at his wedding. Enjoy…..


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