Race Report: Daventry 10 – 2014

With a lonely 14-16mi training run planned, Simkiss opted to make the journey to Daventry to complete its 10mi race at a marathon training pace of 5:37/mi (which will subsequently need to be revised following Siggers’ recent effort in Berlin).

A steady start saw Simkiss settled in 2nd place leading a group, with a lone runner hitting the front from the start and gradually opening a gap. Mile 1 done in 5:34, and by 1.5mi Simkiss was moving into clear air as 2nd place runner – holding the gap to 1st place – still running to target pace. Mile 2 done in 5:36/mi, and mile 3 in 5:24 as the gap to 1st place began to close.

Random spiral footbridge

Random spiral footbridge

4mi was reached in another 5:38, which included a spiral ramp footbridge to add fun to the event, before the gap was closed as the runners hit the A425 main road. Simkiss decided to settle in behind the race leader and was content to sit there until 8mi before kicking on – but after an uphill fifth mile in 5:41, patience was wearing thin for the race leader, and at 5.5mi he broke his stride and dropped to a walk for a brief moment, and continued once the MCKEP athlete took the lead. The athlete later claimed he was struggling with his timing chip being too tight on the ankle – the reality was he was fed up of the noise from Simkiss’ heavy breathing and thighs slapping together.

Simkiss immediately assumed it was some form of tactical game, and kicked on as best he could in an attempt to drop his rival. Miles of 5:25, 5:31, 5:25 gave Simkiss a good lead, and a final uphill mile of 5:37 left just a fast finishing 5:13 mile for Simkiss to comfortably take the win.

As is customary with low key races, there are no results available yet (in fact I believe they’re still getting ready for the prizegiving which hadn’t taken place when Simkiss left Daventry over an hour and a half after finishing). Nor are there any photos… which is probably just as well given Simkiss looked like prize goon in his knee high socks and porn shorts.

A pleasing day for Simkiss… until it was ruined by McCarthy.

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