Race Report: BMC 10K

With a lack of consistent training and no idea of what was going to happen, McCarthy took his place on the start line of the BMC 10k, ranked as one of the shittest runners in the field. A 5x1k session on the Wednesday at the track had given him the confidence he could run a 78second first lap and try and hang on for the next 24 laps.

As the race set off and McCarthy dropped into second to last position, the first lap came up in 75 seconds, as did the second and the third. This was too fast but it was also a necessary pace to just stay within touching distance of the pack, aware that there will probably be an audience of 7 watching the race online. As he became detached from the field, panic set in, he was running too fast but was still not running quick enough. People he thought he could stick with, Ben Beattie, Holmes, were running away from him. The 75’s were being ticked off with the odd 76 thrown in, it wasn’t too hard but the main concern was that it was going to come back to haunt him in the latter stages.

Through 5k in 15:59, detached and running alone with Beattie it was time to knuckle down. Suddenly the focus changed from finishing to running a PB, a second 5k of 16:41 and it was on, surely McCarthy could manage such a poor positive split to run an unexpected PB? But the 76’s and 77’s kept coming and only one split came in at the paul tergated 78. Suddenly people were coming back to our MCKEP hero (apart from Ed Banks who we didn’t even realise was in the race and he pulled his finger out after a steady first 5k and ran away..) today was going to be a good day. The laps just kept ticking away and digging deep to be lapped by only one person, McCarthy hung on to finish well, not with a kick, just a consistent completion of the same pace.

McCarthy flopped across the line in very nearly last place for a huge PB of 32:17, the fastest 10k ever run by a Kenilworth Runner ever, the best runner ever over 10k in the green vest of Kenilworth, the best person ever from MCKEP, just fucking amazing compared to Simkiss. Simkiss’ was distraught (via Whatsapp) as he watched McCarthy write off another one of his PB’s following the loss of his MCKEP 5k record earlier this month.

Simkiss is now the slowest member of MCKEP over 5k, 10k, 12k and the Marathon, a dramatic turn around in fortunes.

A fantastic run from Harvey Speed of Godiva saw him run a PB, as did Savery of Leamington. The PB trio leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of Simkiss who decided to do his farty little triathlon instead.

”I’ve missed an opportunity today and I feel sick to my stomach. You really have shown your true class, ability and talent today Chris and I respect you as an athlete more than ever.”, said Simkiss.

”Stop being a fanny and do some proper races, sell your bike and all your yuppie triathlon gear and buy some bollocks”, replied McCarthy


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