Race Report: Birchwood 10K

 A ‘home’ race for McCarthy this one, with just two days to recover from his 5k PB in Sale this was going to come down to how he recovered…in those two days…. Pre race and the legs felt fine but the conditions were crap and the usual fast course that had been changed to a slightly more ‘turny’ course, had been changed again to an even ‘turnier’ course, a shame as it has attracted some good runners over the years and the new course(s) probably don’t have the same appeal. Bloody health and safety, yet again enforcing practical and pragmatic control measures for the good of everyone, ridiculous. 

The plan today was just to run and see what happened, a very good tactic often deployed by MCKEP in races of little meaning or purpose, especially when the athlete has raced recently and hasn’t actually been training very specifically. A windy (wind) and windy (turns) first 5k finally brought the race out onto the old course in Croft, where McCarthy had decided he would push on from having sat back for the first half of the race, just that little bit inside his comfort zone passing through 5k in 16:22. Releasing down the 1k hill to chase down life time friend of the MCKEP Project and proper athlete, Nick Jones of Warrington AC, McCarthy clocked a 7th K of 3:10 to pull through into 7th before the soul destroying motorway bridge into the finish. Safely clear of Nick, McCarthy tied up to almost crawl across the line, ending up with a gap of only 5 seconds in 33:15, a SB 2 days after a 5k PB. Two races in such a short time also managed to aggravate the persistent pain in McCarthy’s groin, apparently not caused by racing without Simkiss.

The race referee’s house was firebombed as people read their Garmin distance at 200m over distance, stealing a PB from McCarthy of 32:29. Having run most of his PB’s on watch readings that came ‘under distance’, no formal complaint was lodged and the Project have accepted it was probably the correct distance. Special shout out to Ben Beattie of Hallamshire who ran pretty much the full 15k of Sale and Birchwood with McCarthy, backing off to allow McCarthy to pass him on both occasions.

Still, the continuing trend of pointless races with no target, meaning or worth has been maintained.

Split Summary
1) 0.62m – 3:12(5:09/m) 69cal
2) 0.62m – 3:09(5:04/m) 69cal
3) 0.62m – 3:20(5:21/m) 73cal
4) 0.62m – 3:18(5:19/m) 73cal
5) 0.62m – 3:23(5:27/m) 71cal
6) 0.62m – 3:23(5:26/m) 73cal
7) 0.62m – 3:10(5:06/m) 71cal
8) 0.62m – 3:19(5:20/m) 70cal
9) 0.62m – 3:18(5:19/m) 72cal
10) 0.62m – 3:12(5:08/m) 68cal
Extra bit 11) 0.11m – 32(4:37/m) 11cal

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