Race Report: Abbey Dash 2014

Just 24 hours before the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k, the MCKEP PR team released the following statement from Simkiss.

I’m not going to run. I’m not fit enough and I don’t want to be embarrassed by McCarthy and Siggers. This was a tough decision but I feel it is the right one. Following my recent marriage it has become quite clear that I not only received a ring at the ceremony, but someone clearly chopped my bollocks off as well.

So the MCKEP funbus headed up the M1 with McCarthy and his coaching staff, the Simkiss coaching staff sat bemused in a McDonalds service station.

Oma and grandchildren

The coaching team for our Number 2 man


Arriving later than usual (90 minutes before the start) McCarthy spent 30 minutes circling around the ring road adamant that there must be a way into the car park that he always uses. Desperate for the toilet he gave in and parked in a side street and dove into a bush.

Pre race delivery completed, it was time to warm up and head to the start line.Having run 32:56 on this course last year the target was to better that. Having had an unstructured few weeks following the Wirral Half and a confidence destroying XC last week, that could be tougher than it seemed just 5 weeks ago. Deep down McCarthy knew that this was probably one race too many and Simkiss was spot on with his decision to pull out. That said, he is a man and decided to risk his honour by putting himself on the line, unlike his friend and training partner who by now was enjoying a nice bike ride around the Cotswolds.

The race began and the first mile was ticked off in 5:00 flat alongside Ed ‘the beard’ Banks, a fast start and there was already some labouring. Mile 2 passed in 5:10, and Siggers passed as well…flowing past McCarthy there was no attempt to pursue, all vital signs were not looking good, this was the end of season race too far that had been predicted.

5k in 15:51. a PB and a definite sign that the second half would be painful. Attempting to stem the flow of people passing, McCarthy latched on to Steph Twell and even managed to take the pace on a bit until 7k when he dropped off significantly. Home in 32:37 for a 5 second PB, taking 19 seconds off his time from last year.



With that, McCarthy calls time on his 2014 season having run PB’s at 5k. 10k and Half Marathon in the last 3 months, a fantastic achievement. Check back next week for a full review written by the man himself.

Congratulations to Siggers who also broke the Kenilworth Runners 10k record. This topped off a fantastic year for Simkiss who has managed to lose all his club records as well as his MCKEP status and his bachelor freedom. Then someone drove into his car.

What a fucking year.

All eyes are on the huge showdown at the Telford 10k between Siggers and Simkiss, this will be a really tasty head to head. If Simkiss turns up.

Asked how he felt, McCarthy said;

What a year I have had, I couldn’t have asked for more considering I haven’t really trained. The continued demise of Simkiss is still a real highlight and I can’t wait to see how he fares against Siggers at Telford,. You don’t understand how much the fact I am billing it as a head to head will have annoyed him, he will already be spouting garbage along the lines of;

“It’s a chance to see where I am at”

“It’s not a head to head, it’s a training run for me”

“My knee hurts”

“Siggers is fantastic, it’s just an honour to race alongside him.”


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