Race Preview – Rugby 10

Rugby 10 – 29/09/13

It’s a funny one this one.

Off  the back of what will be the highest mileage week (70-74) for us for some months, the likelihood is that this will be a tough slog from start to finish. Add into that yesterdays 2 hour time on feet run has left me full of cold and on a load of medication, plus Rich is taking part in a child’s mountain bike race today.

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Tactically we have plan dependent on a few parameters, timewise I would expect us to be able to run 57 depending on the elevation of the course and the field, perhaps 55:XX if things fall into place and the legs hold out.

3 thoughts on “Race Preview – Rugby 10

      • I’ll remind you of that when after 5.5mi or so we reach the foot of a ~1.25mi climb and you feel the need to declare your heads gone, legs are dead, and/or you have grave fears about how far away the next water station is because you haven’t had a drink for at least 17 minutes.

        Pipe down and go easy on that SixPlus you’ve been coiffing all day… http://bit.ly/18z1OVd

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