Race Preview – Project Milford – Telford 10k

Simkiss attacks the opening descent at Telford back in Jan 2011 on his way to a then PB of 32:41

Simkiss attacks the opening descent at Telford back in Jan 2011 on his way to a then PB of 32:41

Less than an hour remains before D-Day of ‘Project Milford’ – which has MCKEPs biggest failure of a training programme to date. Early days of the project where blighted with zero motivation from the ‘near retirement’ McCarthy while Simkiss nailed early sessions in a manner which suggested he didn’t fulfil is potential at Leeds. As DIY projects continued for Simkiss, the running began to take a back seat and performances began to waiver… conversely Chris began to enjoy, or rather ‘tolerate’ running again. One week from race day saw a decent run from McCarthy in the Birmingham XC League, and Simkiss disappointed with himself and in two minds about whether Telford was worth bothering with.

So after the religious buildup to Leeds, carefully planned taper, beetroot/nitrate loading and all the rest that goes with it which resulted in 6 second PB’s for both athletes… Milford/Telford is quite the contrary – bugger all structure to training, (well there was a fantastic plan, which was not adhered to one bit) no thought to diet (Christmas excesses already beginning to come into effect), no taper (in fact a reverse taper for McCarthy where he’s ramped up his mileage in the final week), late nights and a general aura of unpreparedness. So with opposite approaches to races, what will be said if Telford turns out to be a success? Could it suggest that the McCarkissElite plan for Leeds was a waste of time and that the athletes would’ve been better off following a Runner’s World “10 Weeks to 10k Success” plan?

Piss off! If Milford goes well, it’s because of the hard work that was put in for Leeds. The time scale was compressed for Leeds and success tomorrow would suggest only that Leeds came around too soon for the athletes bodies to fully recover from and adapt after the hard work that had been put in through the various sessions. If of course Telford 10k turns out to be a disaster, then what do you expect? the past few weeks build up has been shite.

With Telford out the way – focus will turn to the McCarkiss Elite festive Celebrations where Rich and Chris will be attending the Kenilworth Runners Christmas Party… Chris has already sent his apologies (for attending).


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