Project Milford: Telford 10k – McCarthy 32:42

Telford 10k – McCarthy 32:42


I knew all along this was going to be a PB.

The night before the race as I ‘quaffed’ on a bottle of red wine and devoured my oversize pizza, legs fresh from not bothering to run but instead tackle the shops of Birmingham, I knew Milford would go better than Leeds did. There was less pressure, less Beetroot in my blood, more Rioja, less pre race prep and more ‘other’ stuff that had nothing to do with running – this was better.

Today was ‘turn up, run and feck off’. I needed to get back to my simple mantra of running hard and not being shit, if you are shit then make sure you have run hard. Since Leeds I have given less and less of a toss about running and managed to have a decent run in the Birmingham League last week whilst still throwing together some decent 60 or so mile weeks off zero ‘desire to run’. Priorities have been elsewhere and were even more so on the morning of the race.

After arriving early, the queue for the toilet left us with only 25 minutes till the kick off. This was just enough time to work up a massive stitch in my chest as we ran a quick lap of the small loop before trotting to the startline.

You can get your dramatic race summary from the write up that Richard Spielberg Simkiss has written. Quite simply, I went off hard and backed off a bit after a mile as I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable at the pace we went out at, having passed through the fast downhill first mile in 4:45. In my head I knew if I ran 5:18 at absolute worst I would get a 1 second PB, so unlike Rich who was watch-naked I was trying to stick to 5:18. The second mile passed in 5:12 and the third in 5:11 – equaling my 5k PB of 16:04. The PB was looking odds on here, it was just a case of how much the wheels fall off…and they began too soon after the fourth mile which was clocked at 5:11. Upwards went my pace on the watch and my old friend 5:30m/m appeared – time to dig in. I pulled it back to set off the watch for a 5:27 fifth mile and dug in for a final mile of 5:11 and a 5:05 paced last 0.2 where I managed to pick off a few places and drag Siggers across the line with me who I passed in the closing stages, to my surprise.

A second 5k of 16:38 added to my initial 16:04 gave me a new PB of 32:42 – I’ll take that and open another bottle.




It is probably the right time to reveal a prediction I made a few months ago, initially for Leeds 10k – I will defer my prediction in the style of Harold Camping and say it was for Telford;



Not bad eh,





2 thoughts on “Project Milford: Telford 10k – McCarthy 32:42

  1. You let the side down mate… a second outside your prediction…

    I also hear you’re going to start running for fun? What’s wrong with you boy?

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