Outrage From MCKEP Fan @gjtaylor56 at Blog Typo

McCarkiss Elite Project apologise for any interruption to service and the lack of recent blog posts, this has in no way been related to a lack of quality training, racing, or the MCKEP athletes being away on holiday but instead is the result of the entire MCKEP backroom staff being engaged in the resolution of a PR nightmare following uproar in relation the recent blog post reporting on the Inter-Club Track Meet.

The blog post referred to the 800m winner – who ran strongly in the home straight to beat Kenilworth’s “McCarthy Sprinting Award” winner Stuart Hopkins across the finish line. An unfortunate miscommunication meant that MCKEP reporting staff had been informed the Stratford AC athlete was part of the Liberian national team, this is not true, however a typo insinuated the athlete, currently in the prime of his athletic career and on a high following his recent track victory, was a Librarian.

The Liberian Olympic Team 2012 - Absence of Graham Taylor noted.

The Liberian Olympic Team 2012 – Absence of Graham Taylor noted.

PR Officer Molly Peach defends the Elite Project

PR Officer Molly Peach defends the Elite Project

When quizzed about the remarks that followed (“…or pursuer of an alternative intellectual, non sportive profession”), MCKEP PR officer Molly Peach reported “Woof”… which has been directly translated to “after a thorough investigation, we’ve established this must’ve been a computer error and the result of a text auto-correction; you know what technology is like nowadays…”


Stratford AC runner Graham Taylor publicly announced his utter outrage at the blog post on twitter stating:

I’ve made it as a runner. Honourable mention in a @McCarkissElite report #librarian #non-sportive 🙂

With the situation clarified, normal blog service should resume shortly – MCKEP fans will continue to be kept up to date with random (vaguely) running related tripe.

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