Operation Horsemill: Week 3 Roundup

As we approach the end of week 4, it’s nice to reflect back on the joyous memories of week 3.

Lets pad this blog post out with a nice table:

Chris Rich
  1% Incline 5% Decline
  kmh min/mi kmh min/mi
11mins @ 90% LTP 15.3 00:06:19 16.7 00:05:47
9mins @ 100% LTP 17 00:05:41 18.5 00:05:13
3min Recovery
3mins @ 110% LTP 18.7 00:05:10 20.4 00:04:44
1:30 Recovery
2mins @ 110% LTP 18.7 00:05:10 20.4 00:04:44
1:30 Recovery
2mins @ 110% LTP 18.7 00:05:10 20.4 00:04:44

Both athletes decided to take a rest from running on the Monday, following McCarthy’s appearance at the Coventry Half. Simkiss saw this as an excellent opportunity to get in the weight room and destroy himself for the rest of the week. McCarthy revelled in extreme levels of laziness.

Single session up in Loughborough today, as the sessions start to become more like actual sessions, they become less enjoyable. Simkiss complained about tightness in the hamstrings and just about managed to stay upright on the treadmill.

Simkiss, in pieces, completed a quality session; running  to the end of the road before deciding he’d done enough for the day. McCarthy too focussed on getting to Thursday in as close to one piece as possible. At least McCarthy managed a recovery run >400m.

After the UK Highways Agency let the Project down and kept McCarthy stranded in traffic for several hours, it was a late start by the time MCKEP was back on the ‘mills in Loughborough… the EIS’s finest staff working hard to get the most out of the MCKEP athletes. Macca had nothing to say about his treadmill session but was clearly pleased it was over and done with. Simkiss continued to struggle with hamstring tightness and survived the session.

McCarthy saw 7miles with no gloves or hat the perfect blend for a recovery run. Simkiss opted for the canal towpath which saw a slight improvement in hamstrings. McCarthy was done for the week with his plans for the weekend ensuring a much needed rest from running.

Simkiss saw his chance and completed a 23.5mile long run – unquestionably putting him ahead of McCarthy in the training and fitness stakes… questions continue to be asked about the reality of this session owing to the lack of data. Simkiss blames his Garmin… his crappy crappy Garmin that occasionally decides to stop transferring data and delete it.

Another lazy day for McCarthy, and an Easy 9.4 for Simkiss.


McCarthy nailed his unintentional recovery week with a 34 mile total, whilst managing to maintain levels of fatigue and tightness. After  what was essentially two days off running, Simkiss appears to have survived his hamstring tightness scare and scavenged an acceptable 62.5mi weekly total.

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