Operation Horsemill – Week 2: Sessions 1 & 2

Week 2 of the training plan, week 3 of visits to Loughborough, 2 days including 3 assessments, and then 4 further training sessions, the project is struggling for words to fill the blog posts.

This week’s sessions saw 2mins added to each portion of the run:

Chris Rich
  1% Incline 5% Decline
  kmh min/mi kmh min/mi
9mins @ 90% LTP 15.3 00:06:19 16.7 00:05:47
7mins @ 100% LTP 17 00:05:41 18.5 00:05:13
3min Recovery
3mins @ 110% LTP 18.7 00:05:10 20.4 00:04:44
1:30 Recovery
2mins @ 110% LTP 18.7 00:05:10 20.4 00:04:44

*LTP – Lactate Turn Point

A midweek illness scare saw McCarthy waving the white flag and casting doubt upon the Thursday training session, the Coventry Half Marathon on Sunday, and indeed his prospects for the Marathon in 2015. Thankfully, death’s door didn’t open – and Macca managed to muscle through the session whilst jacked up on Beechams finest. What dedication. (that’s a statement – not a question)

Footage was taken of the athletes during the session for comparison and analysis of running techniques – sadly the outcome is a woefully boring 22minute clip of chunky egotistical club runners imitating athletes far above their standard.

However, to balance out the boredom, McCarkiss got on the phone to the Yoda of MCKEP – Ron Hill for some motivational thoughts on running. So earphones in and volume up for some “top tips” that don’t include high-vis clothing, doughnut bottles and “do less – run faster”.

Please note, footage of Simkiss @ full pace had to be cut from the clip, as the British Board of Film Classification rated the footage R18 – stating “the nature of the footage and amount of flesh on show bordered on voyeurism; the visible jiggling of thigh fat was considered almost hypnotic”.

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