Operation Big Smoke – Week 6, Session 2: 13mi inc. 4x (1mi @ MP, 20sec HMP).

The second session of the week was set for a 9:30am start at McCarkiss HQ, until tragedy struck and McCarthy had to abandon the session. A difficult time for McCarthy but insiders have been able to confirm that the MCKEP athlete was unable to partake in the session having confirmed at 6:20am that he was ‘worn out’.

The rare sight of sunshine, and notable lack of horizontal rain enticed Simkiss out onto the roads to complete the session alone. A target of 4 sets of 1mile at Marathon Pace (5:42/mi), rolling immediately into 20seconds of Half Marathon Pace (guesstimated 5:25/mi) and 400m recovery jog sounded easy in comparison to recent sessions, but given Sicknote Simkiss’ recent step up in mileage to something nearing that of a Marathon training plan it didn’t turn out to be as plain sailing as hoped, although target paces were hit throughout the session it certainly wasn’t easy.

After a 4mi easy jog warmup, the quality portion of the session unfolded as follows.

Rep: 1mi @ MP 20sec @ HMP
1 1mi @ 5:38/mi 21sec @ 5:07/mi
2 1mi @ 5:39/mi 22sec @ 5:23/mi
3 1mi @ 5:42/mi 26sec @ 5:33/mi (distracted by horses)
4 1mi @ 5:39/mi 23sec@ 5:23/mi

And 4.4mi Easy run to finish the day’s training.

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