Operation Big Smoke – Week 6, Session 1: Midweek 20mi Long Run

As the hellish weather continues, and the MCKEP duo do their best to squeeze in the occaisional run together (and McCarthy does his best to squeeze in a run of any sort!), this long run was pushed back slightly later into the week and Simkiss was left to go it alone.

With a logistical ballsup, Simkiss abandoned plans to run from Southam after discovering the dreaded “Low Battery” on Garmin boot-up, he felt that a quick 1.5hr charge should be sufficient to see him round his long run, and so decided to head to Kenilworth, running a loop of the infamous ‘Winter Circuit’ alone before joining the club for a second loop, which should give him some company to be dragged around the latter portion of the run.

Simkiss duly arrived in Kenilworth forgotten his garmin – nullifying the whole point of him not running in Southam. Therefore there are also no stats for this run, other than it mapped out at 19.6miles, and was done in under 2:15 (maybe 2:13 as a guesstimation).

The run added further fatigue to Simkiss’ ongoing quad tightness, which he has continued to moan about for days, if not weeks.


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