Operation Big Smoke – Week 5, Session 1: 10mi ‘Cutdown’ run @ MP+30 Average.

Wet and miserable weather dominated this session, as seems to be the case with every damn run at the moment. Add into that a hard effort, and increasing darkness and low and behold, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.

The session is intended as a medium-long run of 16mi, including a 10mi section which gets progressively quicker, ending at marathon pace, and averaging marathon pace + 30secs/mi in total (for the quality 10mi portion of the run).

Simkiss tackled the session alone, and failed to spot the key factor that the run was supposed to be 16mi in total, and instead only completed the 10mi quality portion of the run, with a 0.5mi trot to finish. Oops!

A route which was undulating at least, hilly at worst meant that gauging the appropriate paces was difficult. Thankfully strava has a joyous bit of statistical wizardry called ‘GAP’ (Grade Adjusted Pace)… which through the powers of witchcraft guesstimates your equivalent pace had you been running on the flat, as opposed to up (or down) those horrible horrible things called hills.

As you can see from the chart below – we have raided the MCKEP Team HQ’s felt tip supply to colour some numbers in a manner which suggests some form of statistical analysis has taken place:

Week 5 Session 1 Stats


So whilst the paces were a bit choppy and change-y and the ‘progressive’ nature of the session wasn’t strictly adhered to, against an average of 6:12/mi target, a ‘grade adjusted’ average pace of 6:11.9/mi was nearly spot on. (despite actual pace being slightly off the mark at 6:13.4/mi).

Next up – Birmingham League Cross Country @ Cheltenham.

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