Operation Big Smoke: Week 3

Guest Blogger: Coach Hansen

So into Week 3 we go…I had real doubts that McCarthy would make it this far given his other commitments and the fact he is quite breakable, but low and behold it’s ‘Sicknote Simkiss’ who is struggling with the plan from this revolutionary project between McCarkiss Elite Project and the Brooks Hanson Distance Project.

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Firstly Week Two, it was a week where the mileage shot up and after 5 days the cumulative mileage was around 68 miles, a big step up. With the 3X2 MP session on the Thursday I would just have been happy if the lads hit ‘around MP but McCarthy came in with a set average of 5:36 against the 5:42 needed, that’ll do. Sunday was supposed to be a rest day but over a litre of Jack Daniels the three of us woke up and realised we had entered them into the race. McCarthy delivered the race win but more important for me was the second place of sicknote, only 22 second off McCarthy off an average of 35mpw over the last 4 weeks in comparison to McCarthy’s 75mpw. He clearly just has more natural talent and ability and doesn’t need to work has hard.


Week 3 sees much of the same sh*t really, maintaining the circa 85-90 mpw with a 16 thrown in on tired legs and another MP session, this time it is 2×3 off 1m as opposed to the 3×2 off 800, not much difference but it’s all about slowly building the rep distance apparently, I don’t know to be honest. The rest of it is just easy running, I am yet to decide if I enter the lads into the Midlands XC on Saturday although sicknote needs a good run out on the mud whilst I would rather protect McCarthy’s ankle. Announcement to follow.

Remember, you don’t win anything with kids.

Alan Hansen

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