Operation Big Smoke: Week 2

With Simkiss seemingly on the scrap heap after one day of the schedule it left McCarthy to complete week one alone, culminating with a 47th position finish in the XC league in the midst of a 75 mile week. The midweek session, the 8 mile cut down tempo was completed (by McCarthy anyway) ahead of pace and the legs seem to be coping with the mileage.

On to Week 2 which sees the mileage climb and may well result in the weekend being jigged around for a run out at the NTRIX.

The project awaits an update from the injury clinic on the status of Simkiss and his plans for VLM.


2 thoughts on “Operation Big Smoke: Week 2

  1. Come on Simkiss stop being a sissy. I have two pulmonary embolisms and an alien growth in my stomach – yet I’ve just entered the VLM………….start living up to the MEP motto!

    • Valid point Macca Snr… merely trying to ensure a bit of self preservation, ‘Spazzy Knee Syndrome’ does appear to be my running kryptonite though.

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