Operation Big Smoke: Week 10 Round-up


On the road, overground, wombling free,
The Wombles of Cawston Grange; Elite are we,
Making excuses when things don’t go right,
Satirical blog posts and egotistical $hite…

‘Wombling’ was last week’s official MCKEP word of the week.

McCarthy this week has been mostly getting ‘properly’ back on track with his downhill 24 miler and clocking a decent fatherhood mileage of 77mi for the week, which equates to approximately 300 in normal mileage. When asked for a post run summary of his 24 miler, McCarthy’s initial response was “It was long…” Thankfully the threat of withholding alcohol prompted McCarthy to come up with a more comprehensive (but equally informative) write-up.

Simkiss hits his highest mileage week since the start of Operation Big Smoke, clocking 93.7mi. He abandoned his assault on the elusive 100mi week after wombling along on friday’s run and being genuinely unsure about how he was going to get round Sunday’s road relay leg 1 at anything more than ‘easy’ pace. ‘Easy’ pace being Simkiss’ only pace for all his training this week , where he wombled round every run on weary legs in varying levels of discomfort, at a frighteningly consistent pace around 6:12/mi (give or take a wombles testicle)… going slower felt unnatural, but going faster was nigh on impossible.

Interestingly, both lads hit big 7-day mileages towards the end of the week – McCarthy hitting 95mi over 7 Days from Sat-Friday inclusive, Simkiss hitting a personal record 107.5mi for Friday-Thursday inclusive. No surprise both athletes were in pieces on Saturday, Simkiss ditching his planned 12 for a late 4mi trot, McCarthy ditched whatever his unplanned plan was in favour of beer.

4 weeks to go until the most eagerly anticipated ‘LSR’ in MCKEP history.

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