Operation Big Smoke: Taper Week



Having completed the plan with roughly 20% adherence to the actual schedule, the easy week of backing off and then eating shit loads of crap in the last few days will no doubt be delivered in exemplary fashion.

In line with the adopted Ron Hill philosophy of ‘run hard and don’t be shit’, the project will be following the carb depletion model outlined in his fantastic autobiography ‘the long hard road’. This entails carb avoidance from Sunday night through till after your first run on Thursday morning, a model followed with great success by McCarthy in 2013. Like most of the things the project do, there is no solid scientific evidence to support this technique it is just a current fad that is in trend with other people of a similarly average ability trying to emulate people like Ron.

The MCKEP diet will mainly consist of chicken, avocado, nuts, salmon, eggs, cheese and olives. This will be supported by 500ml of Beetroot juice (therefore blowing the logic of the carb depletion out somewhat – 8,8g per 100g) for the next 6 days to create what can only be described as ‘anus modern art’.

On Thursday morning it is all change and the project will be back on the carb party bus, culminating in a Saturday diet consisting of malt loaf, white bagels and wholemeal pasta, this combo has a good record for solidifying the stomach contents to prevent any mid race shit storms.

One of our athletes will be taking a slightly different approach this year as a trial, by including looking after a 9 week old baby to limit sleep, this is something that may take off in the future amongst all elite athletes.

Oh and as for the running, the rough plan is along the following lines;

Mon:45 mins

Tue: 30 mins

Wed: 7 easy inc 4×800 off 800, travel to London for the day to meet race director and have pre race briefing

Thur: 30 mins easy inc 4×400 off 800, then begin carbs

Fri: Rest and panic and start going insane

Sat: Travel to London and 5k with strides, check in to elite hotel


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