Operation 92433: Cotswold Hilly 100


The McCarkiss Elite Project is proud to announce that it will be supporting Operation 92433: The Kenilworth Runners attack on the Massey Ferguson owned 1989 Hilly 100 record.

Back in 1989 the Massey Ferguson Running Club set a record time for the race from Stratford, which still stands to this day. The relay race sees 10 runners each running 10 miles of the gruelling course across the Cotswolds. The Cotswold Hilly 100 road race is organised by Stratford Athletic Club and starts at the town’s Fountain Clock in Rother Street.

C/O Coventry TelegraphC/O Coventry Telegraph

This year a team coached, managed and rubbed down by Richard Simkiss will attempt to break the record which stands at 9:24:34. Kenilworth will need their absolute A team out to be in with the smallest of chances. Throughout February we understand that Simkiss will be making personal visits to the homes of Siggers, Hopkins, McCarthy, Gould, Andrew, Roddy and Page in a bid to get them on board and to refocus their efforts towards the 17th May. This is of course just a predicted squad and more than the two unclaimed spaces will surely be up for grabs, especially with Gould having to run his leg on the road, instead of a field. Athletics Weekly aren’t predicting that the team will need to have 7 runners in 10mile time trial shape of sub55, 2 capable of sub54 and one golden boy who can go sub53 on the hills.

Dominic Lenehan, part of the 1989 team told the Coventry Telegraph, “It’s testimony to the guys at the club (Massey Ferguson) that no-one has beat that original record ever since, despite lots of prestigious running clubs trying to. The record will have stood for 25 years now until the next race next year, no-one has ever quite managed to equal it. Who knows how long it will stand, but it will take some beating.”

Coach Simkiss had this to say about the 80’s Massey Ferguson team, ‘It was acceptable in the 80s, it was acceptable at the time,  I’ve got love for you, If you were born in the 80s, the 80s, I’ve got hugs for you, If you were born in the 80s, the 80s, I’ll do things for you, If you were born in the 80s, the 80s, I’ve got hugs for you, If you were born in the 80s. Yeah.’

Club Chairman Pete Bryan is rumoured to have offered up a huge bounty of beer if the team is successful.


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