Old ‘Elite Project’ Kit Retired as New Kit Debuts @ McCarkiss Track Session

The McCarkiss Endurance Project Team can finally unveil its new club kit, designed in house by the MCKEP specialist design team, and produced by Fastrax.



In a blaze of glory, the ‘old’ McCarkiss Elite Project branded kit has been officially retired following emphatic victory in America… in the US equivalent of the WRRL, McCarthy Jnr and Snr proudly donned the ‘summer’ variant of the MCKEP kit to take both the overall victory and the Masters titles in the 2015 Pirate Treasure Trot.

It was a proud moment for project co-founder ‘C-dog’:

It’s fitting that we retire the vest in the US, on the doorstep of the completely unrelated Nike Oregon Project which is only 3000 miles from here. I’m so happy to have been dubbed Overall Champion Treasure Trotter – it’s a testament to the hours and hours of hard drinking I’ve put in over the last few weeks. I’m emotional to say the least.



The new McCarkiss Endurance Project kit will make its official race debut at the Wilne 10k next weekend having been put through it’s paces at this week’s Tuesday track session, with epic footage below:



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