Oh Simkiss, Where Art Thou?

Where’s Simkiss? What’s he been up to?

Simkiss has been somewhat out of the public eye recently and his absence has been boht noted and reported on a number of occasions (that number being at least 1), and with McCarthy being finely fettled and running PB’s across the board, Simkiss sank further into his pool of misery.

Realisation had set in for Simkiss (prompted by further jibing from McCarthy over his superior times), that Simkiss has only made marginal incremental progress over the past 4 years. It was back to the drawing board for Simkiss.

Simkiss goes back to the drawing board.

Simkiss goes back to the drawing board.

Rest assured Simkiss is back training again, and following a secret training plan. After an initial block of shorter speedwork, the MCKEP athlete is now working on slightly longer repetitions and lactate threshold with a view to attacking his own 10k PB in November/December.

Tuesday’s interval session saw 8x1km reps completed at 5:00/mi or under, compared to last year where a similar session (8x1200m) was completed on the track at around 5:15/mi. This could of course doesn’t mean anything and it’ll be down to upcoming race performances to show where the MCKEP athlete really is.

McCarkiss Elite Project sponsor & running guff bookies “Peter Power” encourages readers to place their bets now on which athlete will top the 10km rankings by the end of the year, and with what time(s).

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