Official Announcement: MCKEP is not ‘Elite’

Following the doping scandal that has ripped through our sport, the last 7 days in athletics have felt like 168 hours and the Project has suffered greatly following confusion between the MCKEP logo and the potential similarity to that of the Nike Oregon Project logo. Whilst we cannot see the likeness, the Project cannot be put at risk and have its name pulled through the mud, with allegations of malpractice.

Following yet more MCKEP domination of the East Midlands Grand Prix last night in Banbury, an Emergency General Meeting was held to finalise some key decisions that will mould the future of the Project.

Having employed a top London marketing company, the MCKEP board were strongly advised to undertake a complete overhaul of the club branding, in a bid to preserve the image of such a well respected club. Having liaised with our membership and consulted with the relevant stakeholders, we are pleased to announce a new dawn for the Project, the birth of the ‘McCarkiss Endurance Project’.

Club Chairman, Richard Simkiss, had this to say;

Since its inception in 2013, the last two and a half years have been the biggest in the history of the Project, our growth and success has been unprecedented. We felt it was time to undertake a rebranding exercise with the current comparisons being drawn between ourselves and the Nike Oregon Project. I want it on record that we feel these comparison are completely unfounded, they are actually fantastic runners, whereas we are quite poor, even at a regional level.

We look forward to the future of the Project under its new name, ‘McCarkiss Endurance Project’.

Chris McCarthy, Club Secretary, had this to say;

Following the media backlash in relation to the MCKEP domination of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series, we would like to thank all the unofficials, self appointed officials and people with nothing else to worry about, for pointing out that nobody in the McCarkiss Elite Project is actually Elite.

This point had been completely lost on us; contrary to 2.5 years of ironic blog posts, satire and general putting down of each and everyone one of us who is fat and slow enough to run for the Project, whilst still having a level of self delusion to believe they were fantastic.

We are hopeful that as well as allowing MCKEP to maintain its wholesome family image, the rebranding will ensure a few less sleepless nights for all those who have been so concerned. This should allow conversations across the region to turn back to, ‘how well Hayley performed her death scene in Coronation Street’, ‘how current TV personalities such as Ant & Dec don’t have anything on the Two Ronnies’, and, ‘does a ‘cuppa taste better with hard water or soft water?’.

The Project is still in discussion with a number of suppliers and we hope to launch the new official kit range in the coming weeks.


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