Obituary – CJ’s Half Marathon PB (26/2/2017- 10/3/2017 ) – RIP

Cause of Death – “Organisational incompetence and general f**kwittery”

Many of you who my recent blog about the Brighton half marathon will no doubt have heard on the grapevine that it is in all likelihood to be called short by (apparently) around 146m. This is due to a cone being put 73m out of place blah blah blah.

Brighton Course Measurers Hard at Work

Brighton Course Measurers Hard at Work (identities protected)

Damn Trolls

Damn Trolls

No doubt there will be plenty of trolls rubbing their hands with glee (we all know a few) and chuckling at the fact that once again (as in Manchester and Glasgow) people turn out not to be quite as quick as they thought they were and (temporarily) claimed to be. Enjoy…

And of course, running is just a hobby isn’t it? We shouldn’t get too upset about whether a time is official or not should we? It’s just that, (as highlighted in the article) sometimes a lot of effort time and commitment goes into this “hobby”, and when you think you’ve nailed something, it is obviously quite irritating to have it called void. Especially when the margin of error seems to be small enough to have meant that the 1:09:12 would have been a 1:09:50 on a correctly measured course.

Anyway as of now the event didn’t happen, on to the next race – I ran the Hague half yesterday and fell apart in the second half with a 1:14. Having heard about Brighton 24hrs earlier I put myself under a lot of pressure and didn’t deliver. Not even nearly.

Maybe I’ll run sub 1:10 one day on a bona fide course, maybe I won’t. Who knows. It’d be nice to say I didn’t care. But that’d be even less accurate than the course measurement.

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