MMRR Review 2: Guest Author @Jillops

This week we have special guest @Jillops covering off the MMRR review….

A Sunday night post half marathon massively unexpected PB recovery wine (due to lack of beer in the house thought I’d try this red stuff). I think it was the standard Tesco half price wine purchase for £5 down from £10, some kind of Cab Sav, I can’t remember which as the fluorescent recycling people have taken it away so this is going to be a ‘useful’ review. Oh and somehow unexplained only half the bottle was left. Also consumed outside the 3 hour window, I am breaking all the strict rules for reviewing.

Cost: 4.99 – 9/10 – so close to the perfect price break

Nutritional Value: Grapes from Chile, exotic – 2/10

Legs: Still ruined the day after, calfs shot to pieces, but able to walk. Must be the under consumption of said recovery drink, next time must stumble down the road to the nearest off license in the dark to re-plenish stocks. Also, note to self, must train harder to recover better. 2/10

Dehydration affect: Felt ‘normal’, probably due to cheating consuming too much water in the afternoon (deducted 5 points) 5/10

Headache Strength: zero (5 point deduction for cheating/not finishing min amount of medicine) – 5/10

Taste: definitely red wine, and quite nice, wish I had more (5 point deduction for not having more) – 5/10

Overall: 28/50 an average score, could have been so much better had the rules been followed closer. Nobody should ever leave a bottle of wine unfinished. On the flip side, wine hurt the next day was non-existent.

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