Midlands 6 Stage Road Relays

MCKEP this weekend showed the importance of training balance, whilst Rich Simkiss ran with lungs bursting around Sutton Park, Chris McCarthy worked hard to ensure balanced training stress levels were maintained within the group, consuming as many alcoholic beverages as required whilst ‘oop North in order to balance out Simkiss’ fatigue inducing efforts.

Analysts were beginning to question the MCKEP progress following such promising performances in recent weeks and months from other members of Kenilworth Runners, notably Paddy Roddy. Simkiss held strong though on Leg 1 of the Midlands 6 Stage Road Relay, clocking 19:15 – whilst a notable 25 seconds slower than his best time for the course 2 years ago, it was sufficient to be the quickest leg on the day for the Green Army – who collectively put in a performance sufficiently strong to finish 20th team on the day and bag them a place in the National Road Relays event.

Simkiss, whilst considering the performance ‘acceptable’, has taken confidence from the event, repeatedly stating to any club member willing to listen “…the legs felt strong and had more to give, but the lungs just couldn’t keep up’.

Rich Simkiss at Midland 6 Stage Road Relays 2013

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