McCarthy odds lengthen for ‘Runner of the Month’ award

Following his third race in a week, an average 16:12 5k to WIN the Warrington Parkrun following two 4th place finishes earlier this week, McCarthy is looking in a less favourable position to win the June ‘runner of the month’ prize. McCarthy is forever the bridesmaid in this much coveted club award which is given to the athlete who can have the most average running month, whlist cooking a range of tasty cakes and helping out in the local veterinary centre.

McCarthy said, ‘Winning today was probably the wrong thing to do because after two 4th places I was looking really mediocre, admittedly it was a parkrun so that may play into my favour. The fact these events can’t techinally be won and can only be participated in, should benefit me when the judges discuss the candidates.’

Having managed to slow down significantly enough to not come 3rd in the Two Castles (In the words of Simkiss ‘recently voted UK’s Most Overhyped Race’ and in the words of McCarthy ‘the most pretencious route since the Henley to Chelsea 5k’) and blowing up in the Banbury 5, a second place in over 17 minutes would probably have made it nailed on for McCarthy who is renowned for getting an hounourable mention from local bookmaker, Peter Power.

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