McCarthy in Booze shocker, again.

The 28th January saw McCarthy struggle to 4 weeks without a drop of booze, even managing to ‘survive’ his Birthday without any of the good stuff. His longest stint since he went to University some ten years ago, McCarthy had this to say;

“I can’t see what benefit it’s had really, aside from the potential regeneration of liver cells that have been taking a battering week after week for over a decade. It hasn’t benefited my running, I mean….I may have run over 320 miles in that 4 week period and felt better than ever in the process, won the Roman Nine, been selected for the Cheshire XC team and had much more energy every day, but it’s not half boring.”

McCarthy, a keen believer in the ‘train hard and drink harder’ philosophy that has been handed down through his family for generations, was keen to stress that he will be back to his usual 40 units a week standard as soon as possible.

“I’ve got some in for the night before a tough long run or a hard session so I will really go to town on a bottle of red and make sure it makes the hungover run a really horrible experience, I am sick of heading out of the door and feeling fine after only a few hundred metres. I prefer to take a good 3 or 4 miles to overheat and get a real booze sweat on before finding a rhythm and dramatically dehydrating.”

The former distance community were queuing up to heap praise on McCarthy’s decision to hit the bottle again;

Ron Hill: I never understood the decision to stop in the first place, dryathlete…what a nonce..he wants to watch himself or next week he might be a  triathlete wearing one of them skimpy suits and eating vegan shit.

Dave Bedford: I am glad to hear he will be back on the ale, I worried he would start finding training too easy and start achieving some easy training benefit. Better to be pissed and have to push harder in my book.

Lord Coe: I only  hope he starts to cap his evenings off with a lovely single malt, I hear he was letting Simkiss talk him into a G&T, to which I am partial, but never turn down a nice scotch.

Frank Shorter: Did you know I was drunk the night before Munich?

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