McCarkiss Extends It’s International Presence Welcoming New Recruit Pearce

As the McCarkiss stable continues to grow, attracting talent from across the globe – it is with great pleasure that we belatedly announce the arrival of new member, Mark Pearce. Mark joins the project having battled through the rain and snow to a 2:37 finish time at Zurich Marathon, not far behind the Projects co-founder, Simkiss.

Pearce Battles the Elements in Zurich

Pearce Battles the Elements in Zurich

Mark is in fact currently based in Zurich, though expects to return to the UK at some point… maybe… I guess it depends what’s left of the UK once all the political crap settles down.

He’s a dedicated athlete, although this dedication stems from and also extends to a love of food and beer. His natural talent clear to see from a young age as he became his school’s year-9 1500m champion in a time just north of 6min30, speaking volumes for his rapid natural speed and his school’s frankly astonishing rate of obesity in the mid-90s (reportedly, turkey drummers and chips were constantly on 2-for-1 at the time – crazy days).

His clearly flourishing athletics career was temporarily put on hold between the age of 14 and 26 as he initially became preoccupied with Britpop, then Britrock, and finally binge drinking. Having grown as a person (mainly physically: he was almost 15 stone at the time), a return to the sport he had embraced for a few heady weeks/PE lessons as a talented teenager was inevitable (and recommended by his doctor)

A year spent travelling had elevated my blood pressure to “seriously worrying levels for someone who’s just 26”.

Ten years later I’m still running but luckily down to 11 stone, meaning I can actually keep up with – and even overtake – other people, so it’s about time I chalked up some results for a club. I could literally think of none better than the McCarkiss Endurance Project – a decision confirmed many times over by the quality (and sheer quantity) of the information exchanged via the whatsapp group.

As his club kit makes an unnecessarily complicated and overly convoluted journey over to Zurich, Mark has improvised his mandatory ‘new member in club kit’ shot – assuring us that readers won’t even notice the difference.

Mark Pearce

Welcome aboard Mark!

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