McCarkiss 2015 Round-up

With 2016 now in full swing, nobody really gives a crap anymore about reflections of the past year. Fortunately we at McCarkiss we’re quite apt at creating blog posts of little interest, so here’s some highs, lows and milestones that occurred in 2015.

After a slow start to the year, February saw the McCarkiss boys head hunted by / banging on the door of the English Institute of Sport in order to get some form of training underway – ‘Operation Horsemill’ was born (and duly completed) – putting MCKEP originals McCarthy and Simkiss in the form of their lives.

Jordan Joins MCKEP

March saw the Reading Half Marathon, where the consistency of Operation Horsemill was starting to have an effect. Simkiss FINALLY broke 72mins, after years of trying, by turning up the day after a 3hr ‘adventure race’ and feeling ‘absolutely f#cking sh!t’. McCarthy floundered and struggled to get anywhere near his PB of the 2014 Wirral 12.95 mile race Half Marathon. The race was also something of a milestone as it saw Jordan formally merge into the project (whether he wanted to or not)… Jordan narrowly missed out on sub 70 that day – a target which he still chases now.

April means one thing for many of the McCarkiss boys… time to ram in as much training as possible and try not to fall apart before London. Simkiss, having abandoned expectations of a sub 2:30 early in the year, Simkiss ran a new PB of 2:33 – McCarthy, in the form of his life (aside from having the hip of an octogenarian) ran 3:19. Jordan ran 2:29… the previously unknown Matt Adcock ran 2:28 in his bid to be accepted into the the project. Friend of the Project Hywel Davies (as he was then) ran 2:29:67 to not break the magic 2:30.

May saw the start of the East Midlands Grand Prix, and the team of McCarthy, Simkiss, Jordan and Adcock ventured firstly to Silverstone, where Simkiss unleashed a devastating sprint finish to take an unexpected win… the team took their first and only team prize of the series before the powers that be in the EMGP decided to change the rules from those that were applied for every other EMPG series through the 14 year period 2000-2014. A second sprint finish win for Simkiss in as many races was not the big news of the month though… McCarkiss had become a UKA Affilliated club, and long time friend of the project Hywel Davies lay down his intentions to become a part of the MCKEP storm and signed on the dotted line.

McCarkiss Boys @ Rugby 6, Hywel Davies runs for the final time in a RNAC vest

June saw extended domination, raised eyebrows and tutting in the East Mids Grand Prix, whilst backroom staff at McCarkiss put the finishing touches to the MCKEP rebrand, binning off the old MCKEP title in favour of now being referred to as MCKEP following an oversight in the initial setup of the project that the title ‘elite’ may actually infer the project contingent actually believed they were gods gift to running.Endurance_header13


Team MCKEP stand by a thing in London

July brought a welcome conclusion to the EMGP with runners tired from so many races in such quick succession. Individual 1,2,3 in the series standings, that didn’t stop the boys in the Newham London Relays though where Matt Poynton made his debut in the coveted kit of MCKEP to take on (and lose out to) Team Kenya, Team GBR, Saucony and Newham Essex Beagles – but with international teams being ineligible for prizes, nothing could quite compare to the joy and excitement of seeing Simkiss enter the Olympic stadium effectivlely in 3rd place, putting the team in with a fighting shot of winning some much needed beer money, (which they did, and duly pissed away in post race celebrations).

McCarthy spent August winning various fun runs in the US of A while back in the UK we released the even more coveted new McCarkiss club kit just in time for the end of season wind-down.


Dash to the Line

Simkiss’ Dash to the Line @ Telford

September and October saw a series of failed attempts to break the 70min half – (or 71:50 in Simkiss’ case) whilst following the perfect 10k schedule ready for an assault on the 32min 10k during the final months of the year. McCarthy departed overseas for a while to escape political conflict in the UK running scene.

November saw some horrific weather/performances at Leeds Abbey Dash, though Jordan admirably shaved a whole second off his PB. After some initial success on the international race circuit, McCarthy switched to indoor rowing having ruined his foot on the treadmill. Simkiss hung his head in shame in December until he marginally redeemed himself with an okay performance to round off the year and at Telford.

Adcock and Jordan were the kings of mileage clocking around 3,800 and 3,600 miles respectively – Hywel and Simkiss lagged a good thousand miles behind around the 2,600 mark (though Hywel additionally managed a bazillion miles of cycling and swimming as well). Macca ran a lazyboy 1700mi, which shows in his achievements of bugger all this year.

Happy New Year to all our fans, friends and acquaintances… run hard, and don’t be shit!

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